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There are no 15 foot inspection zones
Date: Apr 14, 2013 6:41:30 PM PDT
Author: Roy_Arrigo

There are no 15 foot VFZs (Vegetation-
free zones)on the Ouachita River.
Here is what the Corps policy calls for:
15 foot vegetation free zones are for new
Existing projects whose existing real
estate interest are less than the 15 feet
shall operate within the maximum
allowable width that the existing real
estate (IE:right-of-way) allows. In some
cases that existing real estate is ZERO
distance from the levee toe. IE: none!
1. There is no provision in Corps Policy
for variances on these existing projects.
2. Existing projects satisfy the
guidelines because they are an "exception
to the rule".
3. Also the provisions for variances to
the vegetation guidelines are for new
projects, not existing ones.
4. Existing projects satisfy those
guidelines by maintaining the VFZs to the
maximum allowed by that existing real
estate (rights-of-way) interest. They
don't require variances.
5. The state undertook the increase to
the VFZs in 2011 on it's own. Anyone
saying that the Corps requested this is
lying. Just as they are if they are
claiming that these smaller than 15 foot
zones threatened the certification of the
levees. Not true see link to document

Also please review this video:

Here is the page from the Corps
guidelines that most of my comments refer

Picture this; if the Corps even
considered a variance on land where the
existing real estate interest was less
than 15 feet. The Corps would actually
be making a decision to grant a variance
(or not grant one) on property that by
definition, is outside of the property
that it has the authority to grant a
variance on, and would be on property
that is an exception to the guidelines
and therefore is property where the
guideline does not apply.

Folks this issue is much bigger than the
Ouachita River. Our opposition is
splintered, several factions around the
state are fighting this separately. We
need to join forces and this will go away
very quickly. Who's interested?



How It Plays: The nunchuk serves
Date: Oct 9, 2015 2:44:14 AM PDT
Author: ddddddddd

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